Month: March 2023

Learnings From Switching To A New Role as Chief of Staff to the CCO with Brittany Rolfe Hillard

On this episode, we were joined by Brittany Rolfe Hillard, whom many of you are familiar with since she’s been a repeat guest on the show. She was previously running customer engagement and advocacy at WalkMe, and has since transitioned into a role as Chief of Staff to their Chief Customer Officer and is enjoying…

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Balancing Quick Wins & Long-Term Planning At a High-Growth Startup with Tiffany Keel

Tiffany Keel is Head of Customer Advocacy at ClickUp. Prior to ClickUp, she ran customer marketing at companies like ON24 and Nextiva. When she started at ClickUp, they’d grown tremendously through product led growth, but were still early when it came to the types of programs you typically think of in B2B marketing. She shares…

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