Metrics, Metrics, Metrics: Looking Back On Some Of Our Favorite Conversations

I’m really excited to say that this is the 50th episode (!) of the podcast. I might be a little biased, but after talking to all these brilliant marketers, I think customer marketing is truly one of the most valuable departments a business can have. And you’re definitely seeing a groundswell of interest. It was recently number three on LinkedIn’s 2022 jobs on the rise, meaning it’s one of the fastest growing job titles over the past five years and is a trend defining the future world of work. 

And yet when it comes to company perception, we’re not there. We still don’t really have a seat at the table in most organizations. Even the ones who claim to be customer centric. One of the best ways to be taken seriously at the C level is to move out of the trap of being seen merely as a customer reference machine and a massive part of this is how we talk about ourselves. And more specifically being more strategic about the metrics that we align ourselves to. 

On this episode, I wanted to share some previous conversations about advocacy related metrics that really inspired me and that hopefully you’ll think about incorporating into your future goals as well.  

You can find the full transcript here.

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