Month: November 2021

The Importance of Showcasing Your Customer’s Customer with Daryl Stickley

Daryl Stickley is the Founder of Rich Interactive, a corporate storytelling and customer advocacy agency that has worked with global brands like Microsoft, Adobe and Accenture. Something he said early in our conversation really resonated with me, which is that it’s easy for organizations to get tunnel vision around their value proposition, when it’s really…

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Tips For Your First 6 Months As a New Customer Marketer with Imaan Virani

Imaan Virani is the Global Customer Marketing Manager at Adthena. She started off in the consumer marketing world at General Mills, then moved into product marketing and customer marketing in the tech world. We talk about how to lay the groundwork for the first several months in a new role, the resources she leaned on…

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Why Behavior Change is Key to Measuring Your Retention Efforts with Janet Dulsky

Janet Dulsky is the Director, Global Retention Marketing, Adobe. Janet describes her team as the “marketing arm” for customer success and has a cutting-edge approach to engagement. She shares why their framework starts and ends with talking to customers, how email and in-product guidance have become some of their strongest channels, and why behavior change…

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