Key Takeaways from PMA’s Customer Marketing Summit with Brittany Rolfe Hillard

On this episode, I had a blast chatting with Brittany Rolfe Hillard, VP, Customer Engagement and Advocacy at WalkMe about some of our thoughts and key takeaways from Product Marketing Alliance’s recent Customer Marketing Summit. Brittany was kind enough to watch (and in many cases, rewatch!) all of the sessions and her highlights kicked off some really interesting discussions as we think about the future of customer marketing.

On this episode, we discussed:

  • How there’s no one standard definition of customer marketing
  • The immense value of creating joint OKRs with your key stakeholders
  • What customer marketing can do to be thought of as a strategic business partner (instead of a drive-thru request taker).
  • The importance of expanding your skillset as a customer marketer—and what opportunities are available
  • Everyone talks about the importance of being omni-channel customer communication, but are we really doing it?
  • How you can use your company’s existing tools instead of purchasing new tools, so that you can leverage that budget in even more strategic ways
  • Programs that add value to your customer’s lives (which have little to nothing to do with selling your product!)

You can find the full transcript here.

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