Month: March 2021

4 Key Customer Advocacy Metrics That Matter Most to Your C-Suite with Helen Feber

Helen Feber is the Managing Partner at Referential, Inc., a consultancy that has been delivering innovative, high-quality advocacy-related services globally for over 26 years. She is also on the oversight committee at ICCAP, the Institute of Certified Customer Advocacy Professionals. On this episode, we cover: Her four critical metrics for persuading the C-suite of the…

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Raising Awareness of Your Team’s Programs Across The Company with Umesh Patel

Umesh Patel is Head of Global Reference Programs at Fujitsu Global, where he’s been leading customer marketing for the past eight years. Umesh believes that customer stories provide tangible evidence for how companies help customers realize their visions, and you can tell that he gets so much joy out of connecting with people. On this…

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What B2B Marketers Can Learn From B2C Loyalty Programs with Liz Richardson

“There’s a lot more clarity we can bring to our B2B programs to make sure that people understand, like, yes, when I do this, I will be able to have these opportunities. And when I put a value proposition out there that the customers are going to get chances to do X, Y, and Z,…

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