The Importance of Having a 360° View of Your Customer with Cynthia Hester

“We need all those people talking to each other, talking to us, so we get a really good sense of: what the right story is, and then how to get to that goal.” – Cynthia Hester

Cynthia Hester is the Director, Global Customer Programs at Google Cloud. She has over twenty years of experience in global marketing, strategic planning, and comms, and has helped shape customer advocacy at companies like New Relic, Salesforce, and VMware. Cynthia has an incredible wealth of knowledge in this arena, and she has such a refreshing and first principles-based approach to advocacy.

On this episode, we cover:

  • Why she refers to customer advocacy as “at the eye of the storm”
  • Why it’s important to gather as much information as possible about customers, but still go into conversations and interactions with them with a blank slate
  • Why she thinks customer-generated content is going to make a comeback
  • Why “resonance” is the next frontier in terms of measuring effectiveness of customer stories
  • How she structures her team into customer references, operations, and storytelling

You can find the full transcript here.

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