How to Create Relevance and Boost Your Team’s Visibility with Zoe Meyer

“Have you raised your hand for stretch opportunities to try something outside of the box or outside of your comfort zone? It’s that type of relevance that brings attention to you as a potential person who can be promoted within the organization.” – Zoe Meyer

Zoe Meyer is the Customer Engagement & Operations Lead for the Global Customer Advocacy Program at Commvault. She also started the blog, customer-360, which is focused on best practices and insights on B2B customer advocacy. Previously, she was the Senior Director of the Global Customer Reference Program at CA Technologies and has also worked in field and partner marketing.

On this episode, we cover:

  • How to build trust with sales by “going first” and “paying it forward”
  • Her transition from field marketing into advocacy—and how her pre-sales and post-sales experiences have given her a wider lens
  • How to go from being a tactical thinker to a strategic thinker
  • Tips on career progression for those who want to get to Senior Director and above
  • How she made sure her team’s efforts were visible at the CMO level

You can find the full transcript here.

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