Using Retention and Lifecycle Marketing to Increase Customer Loyalty with Kelvin Cornaz-Tranphuoc

“To build a loyal customer, it actually starts from the very beginning when the customer interacts with your brand.” – Kelvin Cornaz-Tranphuoc

Kelvin Cornaz-Tranphuoc is the Senior Director and General Manager of Retention at Rocket Lawyer. I’m really interested in how customer advocacy can play a larger role within the post-purchase journey and how there are so many natural connections to lifecycle marketing, engagement, and retention, which Kelvin is an expert in. Something that I’m starting to see more and more in job descriptions is that B2B customer marketing is becoming a blend of both lifecycle and advocacy, so I highly recommend checking out this episode if you’re at all curious about dipping your toe into those waters.

On this episode, we cover:

  • How “customer marketing” is defined differently in B2C vs. B2B
  • Why taking off your marketer hat and putting on your customer hat is a necessity
  • How he partners with product and engineering to share customer feedback
  • Why customer loyalty starts before someone ever purchases your product (hint: it starts with the very first interaction they ever have with your brand!)
  • The skills he thinks are necessary to succeed in lifecycle marketing

You can check out the full transcript here.

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