Month: November 2020

Customer Engagement Lessons From My Time in Customer Success with Christina Prudent

“It’s about really having that open line of communication between yourself and the CX team, so that you’re always on the same page.” – Christina Prudent Christina Prudent is the Senior Customer Marketing Manager at FullStory. Previously, she worked in customer marketing at companies like Talkdesk and NICE inContact, but also spent some time in…

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Lessons Learned From 400+ Executive Briefings with Lisa Bregante

“No matter what your title is, you have a voice at the table.” – Lisa Bregante Lisa Bregante is the Group Manager, Customer Marketing at PagerDuty. We covered a wide range of topics, including how her experience facilitating executive briefings helped prepare her for her current role, as well as what she’s learned moving from…

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Using Retention and Lifecycle Marketing to Increase Customer Loyalty with Kelvin Cornaz-Tranphuoc

“To build a loyal customer, it actually starts from the very beginning when the customer interacts with your brand.” – Kelvin Cornaz-Tranphuoc Kelvin Cornaz-Tranphuoc is the Senior Director and General Manager of Retention at Rocket Lawyer. I’m really interested in how customer advocacy can play a larger role within the post-purchase journey and how there…

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