Using the Customer Centricity Model to Demystify Customer Marketing with Charlotte Lilley

“Especially in this day and age, every company is striving to be more customer-centric, but few can really walk that talk. And I think customer marketers are the future of creating customer-centric companies.” – Charlotte Lilley

Charlotte Lilley is the Head of Global Customer Marketing at Coupa. Charlotte kicked off her career in sales, founded the customer programs department at Box, and has also led customer marketing at companies like Outreach and WeWork. I love her analogy of customer marketing as the orchestrators of the overall strategy instead of the gatekeepers to the customers. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or email (

On this episode, we cover:

  • The customer centricity model she developed in order to demystify and demonstrate customer marketing’s impact
  • How customer marketing can be the catalyst for a more customer centric organization
  • How she gets buy-in from stakeholders like marketing, sales and success 
  • The importance of thinking through your own department’s branding from an internal perspective
  • Why she believes being a customer marketer can set you for C-suite success

You can check out the full transcript here.

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