How Advocacy Can Play a Larger Role in the Customer Journey with Julie Perino

“I think marketing is, more and more, taking a bigger role, a more forward role. It’s really co-ownership of that responsibility to drive customer experience, customer success, and adoption of the solutions.” – Julie Perino

Julie Perino is the Head of Global Customer Marketing at Adobe. I am a huge believer that customer advocacy can play a much larger role in the post-purchase journey and that we can use our knowledge to help craft an experience that results in happy customers. I was thrilled to speak with Julie because she is a massive proponent of this philosophy, which is why her purview at Adobe includes both advocacy and adoption.

On this episode, we cover:

  • Why the post-purchase customer journey (i.e. the onramp to advocacy) is just as important as advocacy itself
  • How adoption and advocacy can fuel each other
  • How her team partnered successfully with product and success, and what she’s learned from that process
  • Her suggestions for those who want to take on more adoption programs, and what metrics her team uses to measure the impact

You can also check out my key takeaways from the episode, as well as the full transcript.

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