Taking The Long-Term Approach to Working with Customers with Amy Shever

“The goal should be having that customer for life as a great reference, which also means making sure that they’re getting value out of participating in the different reference activities, not burning them out on too many, and also figuring out what makes sense over time.” – Amy Shever

Amy Shever is the Senior Customer Advocacy Manager at Silver Peak. Previously, she ran a customer reference consultancy to execute sustainable customer reference programs and enhance existing programs with clients including HPE, SAP, and EMC. Amy really believes in approaching your customer engagements from a long-term perspective as much as possible and avoiding what she calls, “check-in-the-box exercises.”

On this episode, we cover: 

  • What kind of research you need to do before having your conversation with the customer
  • Why the customer you want to invite to your CAB may already be sitting on one
  • How to scale your advocacy efforts by enlisting other teams to ask the customer for you
  • How she promotes what’s happening internally to the company 
  • Why it’s important to keep things simple—from talking to reps to spreading awareness within the company

You can find the full transcript of the episode here.

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