Why Customer Advocacy Should Be a Standalone Department (Similar to Success or Marketing) with Hollie Wegman

“There’s no more authentic way to explain to someone what a product does and how it might change their work, then through hearing a similar person using that product. It’s much more powerful than the company itself running an ad that says, This is going to change your life.” – Hollie Wegman

Hollie Wegman is an Executive-In-Residence at Redpoint Ventures. Previously, she was the VP of Marketing at Segment and Envoy (where she was my boss and mentor!) I love exploring customer advocacy from as many angles as possible, and I thought it would be great to bring Hollie on to provide a more macro, birds-eye-view and executive lens around the value of this function. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. 

On this episode, we cover:

  • Why she thinks of marketing as “alchemy and the machine”
  • Why she thinks customer advocacy should be its own separate pillar (instead of reporting into success or marketing)
  • The metrics she thinks are most useful to measure customer marketing’s success at various company stages
  • How she advises customer marketers at earlier stage companies to figure out their goals (due to lacking strategic priorities)
  • How to present your department’s value at an executive level

You can find the full transcript of the episode here.

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