How to Craft Compelling Stories by Thinking Like a Hollywood Producer with Audrey Zigmond

“It’s our job as marketers to make the company look good, to make the people working there look good, to make customers look good, but especially with customer marketing, because you’re taking your most valuable resource and really making them a star.” – Audrey Zigmond

Audrey Zigmond is the Customer Marketing Manager, EMEA, at Contentful. Previously, she ran customer marketing at HR technology startups like Lever and Reflektive. She has a particularly unique background, including things like producing events for Burning Man and performing in an ABBA cover band—and that diversity of experiences has shaped her passion for a good story. You can connect with Audrey on LinkedIn and via her website.

Note: if you know anyone who’s interested in exploring customer advocacy in the future, I highly recommend this episode; it’s a great introduction to what the role involves.

On this episode, we covered:

  • Why customer marketers often have to play three characters: diplomat, detective, debutante
  • How helping people become the best versions of themselves is part of the role that customer marketers play
  • Understanding the six motivators within customer advocacy
  • Her technique for producing compelling stories by thinking like a Hollywood producer
  • Why the best soundbites are often unplanned
  • How to create a “grounding space” to make your customers feel comfortable

You can find the full transcript of the episode here.

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