Taking Your Video Storytelling to the Next Level with Ben Bradley

“For me, it’s what is the ‘why’ behind what people are doing and how can I bring that to light.” – Ben Bradley

Ben Bradley is the Founder and Director of Right Hand Films. We previously worked together on several customer testimonial videos during my time at Rubrik. (Fun fact: the quality and artistry of his videos was actually one of the reasons I decided to join the company in the first place!) As customer marketers and advocacy practitioners, we are always telling our customers’ stories in one fashion or another—and I think there’s so much we can learn from storytellers who specialize in other mediums. This episode is chock-full of tips on how you can take your video storytelling to the next level, whether you’re new to the process or have been doing this for a while. 

You can find Ben on LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as his website, RightHandFilms.com.

On this episode, we cover: 

  • How Ben uses the book, Start With Why, to create compelling narratives
  • The importance of remembering that customer videos are meant to evoke emotional responses—and how to do so with highly technical products
  • Tips for making your customers comfortable before and during video shoots, and bringing out the best in them on camera with limited time
  • How to “create the scene” with compelling b-roll 
  • Editing customer videos in a way that grabs your audience immediately
  • DIY tips for customer videos on a budget

You can find the full transcript of the episode here.

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