How To Position Customer Advocacy as “Must-Have” Instead of “Nice-to-Have” with Claire Grove

“It starts and finishes with: what was it that your business is trying to achieve?” – Claire Grove

Claire Grove is the Customer Advocacy and Storytelling Strategy Director at ServiceNow. Previously, she ran UK customer advocacy at Microsoft, as well as the EMEA customer reference program at Salesforce. Claire has this incredibly calming energy and it’s clear just how much passion she has for this work. You can find her on LinkedIn and @ReferenceQueen on Twitter (love the handle!).

On this episode, we cover:

  • How to strategically position customer advocacy as a must-have instead of a nice-to-have
  • Why learning to say no has been one of the most important tools in her arsenal
  • What metrics she measures outside of the number of customer stories and references generated
  • How to scale customer advocacy using a “customer story in a box” program
  • The 3 levers that can influence customers when persuading them to work with you
  • Why authenticity, along with a good sense of humor, is key to building enduring customer relationships

You can find the full transcript of the episode here.

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