The Importance of Turning Customers Into Advocates: A Sales Perspective with Dan Raynes

“You want to make your customers referenceable? Then you’ve got to go out of the way to keep your customers happy.” – Dan Raynes

Dan Raynes is a State and Local Senior Account Executive at Rubrik. He is one of the highest performing sales reps I know and has consistently achieved over 100% of his annual quota at the last five companies he’s worked at. As customer marketers, we work closely with account teams, and I brought Dan on because I thought it’d be great to hear directly from someone in sales who’s also a massive believer in the power of customer advocacy. You can find Dan on LinkedIn.

On this episode, we cover:

  • Why customer stories and advocacy are beneficial for sales in the first place
  • Why turning your customers into references can be a huge advantage for a sales rep
  • How he builds trusted relationships with customers over time—and the necessity of consistent check-ins when it comes to keeping them happy
  • The specific tactics that he uses with customers to ask for referrals and references
  • How he weaves in customer stories when pitching to prospects

You can find the full transcript of the episode here.

During our conversation, I also mentioned the book, The Trusted Advisor, which is about earning the trust and confidence of clients. The book is more geared towards people in professional services, but I find the tips are just as applicable to building relationships in general. One of my favorite takeaways from the book is this equation: Trust = (Credibility + Reliability) / The Other Person’s Perception of Your Self-Interest. 

“There are no win-lose relationships or lose-win relationships. There are only either win-win relationships or lose-lose relationships. If you can’t establish that mutually acceptable relationship, you’ve got to move on.” – Robert Galford (co-author of The Trusted Advisor).

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