How to Build a Robust Customer Story Pipeline with Lindsay Molina

As a customer marketer, you are an extension of the account team, so we always want to be incredibly mindful of what we’re asking them to do. – Lindsay Molina

Lindsay Molina is the Senior Group Manager, Customer Marketing at Slack. Prior to that, she also ran customer marketing at MuleSoft and Poly. You can find her on LinkedIn

On this episode, we cover: 

  • The value of aligning with product marketing in creating strong customer stories
  • How to entice enterprise brands to work with you—and getting your foot in the door in the first place
  • What she does within the first six months of a new role to build credibility with sales
  • How to measure success with output and impact-based metrics
  • How she structured her team at Slack—and why adaptability is one of the most important traits she looks for when hiring

You can find the full transcript of the episode here. 

Lindsay is also part of a few customer marketing groups on Slack. If you’re interested in joining, she’d be happy to add you! Just reach out to her on LinkedIn.

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